Growth Mode vs. Sustainability Mode

Are you in Growth Mode? Or, are you in Sustainability Mode? Where to go from here?


Q1 of this year, I heard a lot of buzz about many of my clients being in growth mode. To be honest, this is nothing new to me as it seems as though growth mode is discussed more freely during that first quarter. Why? New budgets, new year, new outlook, new attitudes – mostly.



Let’s say you’re at or above your forecast for the year, now what? Now is when you should be doubling down on hiring new talent. Why not explore the possibly expanding new avenues of business? That, of course, requires finding the right talent to support the growth of your company. Talent that is invested and in it for the long-run. What better time than during growth mode to focus on what you want and to try and go after it? Go for it!

Come Q4, most of my clients are in sustainability mode – they’ve got key talent in place, and are waiting for forecasts to come to fruition, and budgets to be freed-up. However, there are some who must lay-off employees for one reason or another. Often, my clients think that we cannot assist them with this side of things. However, during this transition, there is no better assistance to provide the employee than an outplacement assistance resource.


Outplacement assistance is a way for your former employee to get their resume ready, dust off their interviewing skills, and receive expert guidance along the way. Most medium to large organizations offer outplacement stipends to their employees when they are being laid-off. The reason for this is is two-fold. First, it helps those employees who were loyal to them by accelerating their job search and providing tools to be successful. Second, it also helps the organization with unemployment claims as a well-prepared candidate with a targeted search will leaps and bounds be more successful than a candidate who is not.