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STR focuses on delivering highly skilled, top qualified candidates that match the culture of your organization. We provide a solution for Small to Medium Businesses which will create a positive impact on the organization as a whole.

STR strategizes and creates a customized recruitment plan which targets key skill sets and matches ideal candidates with the culture of your organization.


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Great talent is hard to come by. Many companies struggle with finding the right fit for the long run. Part of the issue is there is no process in place for recruiting and hiring new employees. STR’s corporate-driven proven process, as displayed here, is built to protect your company from risk while aiding in uncovering the best fit for your open position. STR focuses on finding top qualified candidates that most closely match your organization’s culture. STR will maintain your company’s strong brand by providing a positive applicant experience. This process can be done for multiple job openings, or just one. This proven process, driven by a customer service mentality, is designed to help your company stand out and your posting to gain traction/interest from qualified candidates with skill sets you are seeking. Once this process is set up, every department within your organization can focus on their piece of growing your organization instead of spending time on recruitment. This helps you manage the growth gas pedal as needed, and allows you to focus on the bigger picture without worrying about the details.

The STR Team:

Our process

Our process

Joy Poli and STR team manage your company’s hiring needs with a dedicated and professional approach. They pour over 1000’s of resumes weekly looking for top qualified candidates that most closely match each opening. From there, they screen candidates thoroughly to hone in on skill sets you seek and to determine the best cultural fit for your organization. STR’s interview process is bar none. Strong interpersonal skills, a laser focus on what is needed vs what is wanted, and an urgency in filling your need is paramount to the success of this process.  Meanwhile, your organization’s input is the last step, meeting the candidates they recommend makes sense. Meet top qualified candidates, with minimal spend, and a much smaller time commitment on your part. They know they’ve done the job right when your final decision a hard one. The best part of this is that creating this recruitment process for your organization is a flat fee. This allows STR to focus on finding the best talent for your organization, and yours to be on selecting the best fit for your culture.

Joy Poli – CEO and Founder

Joy has a background in all things recruitment. She started her career in the staffing world, and after many years moved into Corporate HR. From there she moved into Consulting, until she decided to start her own Talent Acquisition company.

Joy started out in full cycle recruitment in the staffing world and ended up as the On-Site Manager for a Billion Dollar pharmaceutical organization where she recruited, hired, and managed 120+ long-term temporary employees. From there, she moved into Corporate HR where she worked for a Billion Dollar telecommunications company.  She moved up the ranks quickly to Director of Human Resources and managed a team of Recruiters. She was responsible for full cycle recruitment in assigned regions, including specialized recruitment and high level sales recruitment, among other responsibilities.

“Working with STR was a refreshingly unique experience.They did not simply try to sell me on the position as so many other recruiters have in the past. Rather, STR was genuinely interested in matching the fit of my interests, skills and desired culture with what I would find at Rishi.”

Nathan KoskyJob Candidate

“I have worked with dozens of talent agencies throughout my career and none compared to Strategic Talent Resources. They communicated with me with during the entire process and answered every question I had.They walked me through each step from sending my resume to the Hiring Manager and prepping me for the interview, to making sure I was comfortable once I was offered the position.  After my onboarding, they checked-in with me to make sure I was happy with my role. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Strategic Talent Resources.”

Suzy PalermoJob Candidate